Fairy Gardening

What Is Miniature Gardening Or Fairy Gardening?

Miniature garden plants are combined with miniature accessories and patios to make real, living mini garden scenes that can last for years in a container or in-ground with minimal care. When planted correctly, the plants and trees stay in scale with each other to create a sustainable, true garden in miniature.

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Where Is The Right Place For My Garden?

Miniature or Fairy Gardens can be inside or outside. Consider the placement for your miniature garden. Will your garden be inside or outside? What kind of light will your garden have (full sun, shade, indirect light)?

What Type Of Container Should I Use?

The best containers for little landscapes have a large open surface area to accommodate many garden features. Ceramic and terra cotta pots, wicker baskets, and wooden boxes are all good choices. Small containers work great for creating little garden scenes and make great gifts. Begin with a pot at least 10” deep and at least as wide – The bigger the pot, the longer the garden will stay together. There are many different shapes and sizes of containers that you can use.

Your garden can also be outside. Choose a spot that is protected from heavy rains or strong winds. This will help to maintain the integrity of your little landscape design and miniature garden pieces.

The Right Plants For Your Miniature Garden

The right plants for your miniature garden

Miniature gardens are made from trees, shrubs and plants that are “dwarf” and “miniature.” The two terms describe the growth rate of the plant, not the mature size. “Dwarf” means the plant grows 1” to 6” per year. “Miniature” means the plant will grow less than 1” per year. The miniature plants are paired with small-leafed, slow-growing annuals or perennials and are matched with trees for similar light, water and placement requirements.

Wilson’s Garden Center has many plants to choose from for your Fairy Garden: Tropical Shade, Hardy Shade and Hardy Sun.


How Do I Lay Out My Garden?

Before planting the garden, place all of the features, furniture and plants to be included in the design in their perspective place on top of the soil. This gives you the chance to experiment with different arrangements without over-handling the plants and basically making a mess! Decide the placement of plants, patios, paths, arbors, water features, and benches.


Watering My Garden

Miniature gardens are best watered by hand, using a small watering can or hose set at a trickle. Too much water too fast will scatter stones, pavers, and soil and upset the whole garden.


Bird Bath Fairy Garden
Grill Fairy Garden
Cauldron Fairy Garden

Will My Miniature Garden Need Feertilizer

Plants do not need to grow fast, but need to stay healthy. A miniature garden can last for years in a pot, or indefinitely in the ground. Judge your miniature garden by the health of your plants. Consider top dressing your in-ground miniature garden once a year with a dressing of compost. Pots older than 2 or 3 years will need a mild fertilizer in the early spring. Too much fertilizer can kill or burn the plants.

Wilson’s Garden Center has all types of accessories for your miniature garden including: Figurines, Animals, Trellises, Fences, Furniture, and Stepping Stones as well as many other items.