Fresh Greens Pricing

Here at Wilson's Garden Center, we hand make and decorate our Grave Blankets, Wreaths, Porch Sitters, Doors Swags & Center Pieces with you in mind.


Unlike pre-made arrangements, custom ordering allows you to pick what color ribbon, berries, and pine cones you want on your arrangement, allowing you to match your home decor or add a little extra flair.

Orders are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To place a Special Order contact us at

(Ask For Greens Department)
Taking Fresh Greens Custom Orders Starting November 1, 2019

Sorry, there are No Discounts Allowed On  Specials Orders

Grave Pillow:
$53.00                                          Approx. 2' in diameter

Grave Blanket (Small)
$63.00                                          Approx. 3' across x 1 1/2 'w

Grave Blanket (Large)
$89.00                                          Approx. 6' across x 3' w

Saddle (Sits on top of headstone)
$37.99                                         Approx. 2' in length
Draped greens over saddle frame

Mantle Piece:
$59.00                                 Approx. 30"

Door Swag:
$19.99                                  Approx. 18"

Door Swag:
$29.99                                Approx. 30"

Porch Sitter:
$39.99 & Up

Wreath (Ex Small):
$27.99 & Up                      12" diameter (10" ring)

Wreath (Small):
$39.99  & Up                      16" diameter (12" ring)

Wreath (Medium):
$49.99  & Up                       22" diameter (18" ring)

Wreath (Large): 
$60.00  & Up                      30" diameter (24" ring)

Customers' Own Basket -- Refilled

$20.99 & Up

$30.99 & Up

$35.99 & Up

Extra Large:
$50.00 & Up


We have a selection of pre-made memorial blankets, wreaths, porch sitters and center pieces out on the sales floor.

Pre-made arrangements can not be customized and are sold as made.

(Note: Large Orders Of Pre-Made Arrangements Cannot Be Sold To Wholesale, Businesses, or Churches. If have a large order you must place a custom order. We do not do any type of fundraisers with Fresh Greens. There are no business discounts on Fresh Greens.)