Wilson’s Garden Center Garden Coaching Service

Garden Coaching is offered
March 1st - April 15th & June 15th - October 31st

In an effort to help you have the very best landscape and garden possible, Wilson’s is offering a Garden Coaching Service to our Great-Gardener customers.  For a modest fee, we can come to your home and guide you in making the best decisions concerning your landscape and gardens.


Evaluating and coaching you on your present landscape and garden areas

*Determine the health and vitality of your plants and offer recommendations to maximize your success with them. Sometimes plant samples may need to be taken to OSU for analysis if the problem is not readily recognized.

*Offer pruning guidance and recommendations. We can advise you on the proper timing to prune your specific plants and how to go about it.

*The coach can walk through your area with you and make suggestions for choosing and properly positioning new plants in your landscape. The goal is to enhance the overall beauty of your home or business. Our years of experience will help you to avoid problems and be successful in beautifying your property.

Quick and Easy Landscape Design for a Limited Area

*If you so desire, we can hone in on a specific limited area (agreed to by the Wilson’s Coach) for more detailed advice on landscaping that area with plants.

*We can provide design help with simple hand drawn sketches on the spot for the area in question so that you can remember how and where to place the specific plants suggested. This design is very approximate and merely a guide to help you plant.

*If the design help goes beyond the allotted hour of service, then we would need to charge for the additional time.

*We do not recommend any sort of hardscaping. (i.e. patios, pavers, sidewalks, etc.) That service would be provided by an appropriate skilled craftsman.

*If you want a more detailed computer sketch of the area being landscaped, we would charge additionally for that service. That service would be negotiated by the coach.

Setting up the Visit

*$100 for up to 1 hour Coaching visit (Limited to 25 mile radius of Wilson’s Garden Center) Areas from 26 to 50 miles away would cost $25 extra.

*At no additional charge, the coaches encourage you to keep in contact with them throughout the year so that they can guide you to be successful. Stop in, call, email, or contact us through our App so that we can respond to any of your questions and concerns as well as celebrate in your successes, too.

*To qualify for a visit, you must schedule a preliminary meeting with a Wilson’s Nursery Staff member either in store or by phone. This will ensure you that your visit will be productive for both you and us.

*There are limited appointment times so be sure to schedule the visit as soon as you can.

*Please understand that we offer this service to our loyal customers who purchase their plants only at Wilson’s.

*In appreciation of your loyalty, we give you a “$20 off $100 or more Purchase” for the plants that we suggest. This coupon would be good for a 3 week period after the coaching visit.