Preparing For Your Custom "Quick -Sketch"

To ensure success during your quick-sketch visit, there are a few things we would like you to consider.  Please jot down the answers to the following questions and bring along with your pictures to your scheduled appointment.  Remember, the service is free; we just ask that you be ready to purchase and begin installing your new landscape.

  • What sun exposure does the area get?  Does it face North, South, East or West?
  • What is the dimension of the area?  If the area is a foundation planting, please include the height to the bottom of the window(s) and the location(s). Also, note the location of doors, water/gas meters, air units, etc.
  • Any special circumstances?  Such as: a constantly wet area, a high deer browsing area, a planting under mature trees, an area near a septic/leech bed, under utility lines, etc.
  • Bring in pictures of the area.
  • Keep in mind, the quick sketch is “quick” and hand drawn. Time constraints limit us to sketching one area at a time. Please allow approximately ½ hour for an appointment.
  • Available appointment days vary with each season. Please call (740)763-2873 to schedule an appointment.