Spider Mites

Spider Mites

Spider mites are little pests no bigger than a millimeter in size. There are many different types of them which can affect many different varieties of plants.

They love hot, dry conditions and if not controlled can kill a houseplant pretty quickly.

They usually live on the undersides of the houseplants leaves and
you will tend to notice the damage to the plants before the mites themselves.

Spider mites suck out the nutrients in the plant leaves in order to live and reproduce.

Signs To Look For

There are many signs to look for when checking for them, among them being webbing, rapid leaf loss, and discoloration of leaves.

Another way to check, is to take a sheet of paper and shake  a suspected leaf onto the paper. Look for tiny little dots moving rapidly around on it.


To treat for spider mites we recommend using an insecticidal soap such as


Quarantine the affected plant away from other house plants or they may become infected too.

It will take more than one treatment to completely get rid of the mites.


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