Employment Opportunities

We Are Taking Applications
For Our 2019 Season

We have many wonderful seasonal opportunities for employment! We offer rewarding work in a beautiful environment with friendly co-workers, a family atmosphere, and a generous employee discount.

If you don’t want to be tied to a desk all day, consider applying for a position at our garden center. There are plenty of opportunities for people who like the feel of dirt on their hands and sunshine on their backs as they work in the great outdoors.

Top Asked Questions

1) When do you start interviewing?
Retail Positions: We will not be doing interviews for retail until Mid-March. If you are interested in a retail position and fill out an application in February, please understand that we will not be setting up interviews until then.
Production: We will be conducting interviews for production at the end of February / beginning of March.

2) Are applications available to fill out online?
We do not have applications online. You will need to come to the store to fill out an application.

3) Am I able to take the application home with me?
No, you will need to fill out the application here at the store. Please be prepared to spend at least 1/2 hour to 45 minutes filling out the application.

4) Can I use a resume in place of the application?
You can bring a resume with you, but you will still need to fill out an application.

5) How old do you need to be to work here?
You need to be 16 (as of January 1, 2019) or older to work here. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

6) Is this a year-round job?
Sorry, we are only hiring for seasonal work.
Mid -March thru the end of May or June.

7) Do you hire for part-time and full-time hours?
We are looking for both part-time and full-time people to fill the positions.

8) Will there be training?
Yes, if you are hired, we will train you for the job you are performing.

9) Do I need to bring anything with me when I come to fill out an application?
Yes, please bring three written references (not-related to you) their names, phone numbers, addresses. Work history (if applicable), the company (ies) name, dates worked, address, phone number, and supervisors name.

10) Do I need to call back to see if I am going to be interviewed?
Please, once you fill out an application DO NOT call the store asking if we have looked at the application. If we are interested, we will call you and set up an interview.

11) How much an hour do you pay?
$10.00 an hour for adults
$8.55 an hour for high school

12) What time are you taking applications?
We are taking applications Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm. Please go to our store office to fill out the application. The store office is the brown colored door at the back of the store when entering through the front of the store. Please do not come after 4 pm as you will not have enough time to fill out the application.

Job Descriptions

RETAIL: We will not be doing interviews for retail until Mid-March. If you are interested in a retail position and fill out an application in February, please understand that we will not be setting up interviews until then.


    • Help answer customer questions, make sure the customer feels welcome, appreciated and helped
    • Keep sales area stocked, neat and clean.
    • Accurately ring up sales and carefully follow procedures
    • Other duties as needed around greenhouses and garden center – including, but not limited to watering, weeding, cleaning, planting and potting up plants, taking cuttings, and doing whatever else needs to be done
    • This is not like a supermarket where you just stand behind a register all the time – we expect you to help out where needed.

Qualifications and Requirements:

    • Honest, reliable, friendly, people person, willing and able to learn the job(s)
    • Customer-centric
    • Available to work the hours we schedule you. In May we are open Monday – Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm, and Sunday: 10 am – 7 pm, and need people willing to work within those hours (We open at 7 AM the week before Mother’s Day.) It is imperative that you are willing to work on weekends.
    • Reliable transportation and childcare (if applicable).
    • Energetic and hard working
    • Able to work well with the public
    • Well-groomed
    • Be willing to get dirty, work hard, bend, stoop, lean, lift, tolerate heat, and no plant allergies. It is hard physically demanding work
    • Areas We Are Looking To Fill:
  • Cashier: Runs cash register and if not on cash register assists in different areas of the store, depending on where the Retail Manager assigns them and what is needed to be done. Prior experience running a cash register and clerking is helpful.
  • Loader: Needs to be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Assists in heavy items in retail, such as loading of mulch, trees, shrubs, and other items.
  • Sales Floor Associate: Assists guests on the sales floor. Other duties may include; watering, stocking, planting and assisting in other areas of the store if needed. Knowledgeable about plants and gardening a plus. Need to be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Willingness to take your own time to learn more.
  • Greeter: Greets guests at door, directs guests to areas they are looking for, hands out flyers, rounds up carts, sweeps near doors, and runs popcorn machine periodically.



HIGH SCHOOL APPLICANTS: We will not be doing interviews for High School until Mid-March. If you are interested in a High School position and fill out an application in February, please understand that we will not be setting up interviews until then.

High school applicants please note that you must be at least 16 years old as of January 1, 2019 to be considered for the jobs here at Wilson's. Must be available after school from 3:00 pm to closing (varies from 6 pm to 8 pm depending on month). Must be available weekends.


High school workers are employed in various duties around the Garden Center. Jobs include but are not limited to loading mulch for guests, helping lay down plants, care for plants, weeding, cleaning areas, stocking, running the register and waiting on customers, unloading and loading trucks, and generally making themselves useful on jobs which need to be done.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 as of January 1st
  • Honest, reliable and energetic
  • Be polite and have good manners
  • Get along well with authority figures and other workers
  • Follow directions and get jobs done in a quick and businesslike manner
  • Have reliable transportation
  • A williness to learn job(s) and do what is asked



PRODUCTION:  (18 & Over) We will be conducting interviews for production at the end of February / beginning of March.


    • Transplant seedlings to flats, baskets, pots, or other containers
    • Move plants around as needed
    • Gather orders (must be quality conscious)
    • Design & plant up combination pots
    • Other duties as needed around the greenhouse and garden center – including, but not limited to watering, weeding, keeping area neat and clean, stocking.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Honest, reliable, and willing and able to learn the job(s)
  • Able to work the hours we schedule you, including some weekends
  • Have reliable transportation and childcare (if applicable)
  • Energetic and no back problems
  • Ability to get along with others and work as a team member
  • May be called on to help in retail
  • Be willing to get dirty, work hard, bend, stoop, lean, lift, tolerate heat, and no plant allergies. It is hard physically demanding work.

Who Are We?

Wilson's Garden Center is a "corporate-run" family-owned business. We have been in business for several generations, initially as a vegetable farm and farm market. We evolved into a greenhouse/garden center in the late 60's and early 70's. We are now a retail garden center whose products include bedding plants, trees, and shrubs, perennials, water gardening, roses, accessories and supplies for the garden and gift items. Our growth depends on repeat customers which respond to a combination of our quality products, service they receive from our employees, and the overall satisfaction they get from their shopping experience with us. In short, we wouldn't be in business without our customers. We are the Consumer's Choice Award winner for Garden Centers in Central Ohio for 2009 - 2016. We have been selected Best of Licking County in 2016 & 2017.

We consider our employees our most important asset, and this is what we expect from you if you get hired:

Image is very important to us. We wear clean, neat clothing and baseball caps are worn forward. Wilson log shirts are available and are preferred attire for retail staff. Stained, torn, revealing, or excessively baggy clothing is unacceptable. Visible pierced body parts other than earrings may not show during work hours. Men are expected to come to work with faces shaved unless they are planning on growing a permanent beard or mustache. You must have good hygiene.

Our employees are expected to show up for work on time consistently. We are not interested in "clock-watchers." We expect our employees to ask us: "Is there anything else that needs to be done?" before ending each shift and clocking out. We are interested in people that care enough about our company and customers to "go the extra mile." We encourage our employees to take the time to offer ideas or suggestions that might make our company run more efficiently, service our customers better, increase our business, or save us time and money. We expect you to work safely, taking time to consider the consequences of your actions. We expect our company policies to be followed and respected.

Physical Work Environment:
You will work both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather conditions including sun, heat, cold, and rain. Your job is physical, and requires frequent bending, grabbing and lifting. You will be on your feet all day, standing or walking, and throughout you will need to be both pleasant and energetic. Note: You will be expected to be able to lift at least a 5-gallon shrub/tree and a 3 cu. ft. bag of soil/mulch (on your own). We encourage you to maintain good physical and mental preparedness to enable you to perform your work duties in a consistent, high-performance manner.

Social Work Environment:
We have a very social, caring and outgoing staff. It is important that you can get along well with people and the rest of our staff to be a cohesive part of our "team." Our company does not tolerate chronic complainers. All employees are expected to get along with each other. We do not tolerate personal complaints of a fellow employee unless his/her actions make you feel uncomfortable, affect your ability to complete your work properly, is illegal or is a safety hazard. We expect every employee to carry their weight and perform their responsibilities in an appropriate manner. In return we're flexible, and we'll support your growth both personally and professionally.

Customer Service:
As an employee of Wilson's Garden Center, you are expected to offer polite, prompt, energetic, enthusiastic, and courteous service with a smile. Our employees must have the ability to anticipate a customer's needs before being asked. You will need to have the ability to be patient when confronted with a challenge, and to continually seek out knowledge of all our plants and products. Our employees are expected to act with a sense of urgency towards are customers. Their time is valuable to them (as is ours, and our need to turn parking spaces) and the help they receive from our staff should be nothing less than immediate-nothing short of excellent.

Wilson's has a training system that each employee is required to complete.

We expect you to have reliable transportation and childcare arrangements so that we can depend on you to be here your scheduled times.