Our Plant Guarantee

A tree’s leaves may be ever so good, so may its bark, so may its wood; But unless  you put the right thing to its root, it never will show much flower or fruit.”

~Robert Frost

Trees, Shrubs, and Fruit Trees:

Plants are living organisms and need your loving care. Assuming that the plants were   properly cared for and there were no calamities or acts of God that affected the health of the plant, our trees, shrubs and fruit trees are guaranteed for 1 full year,  from date of purchase, at 100% of the purchase price.

Evergreen Azaleas, Perennials, Roses, Grapes, and Berries:

We guarantee evergreen azaleas, perennials, roses, grapes and berries for 90 days, from time of purchase,  at 100% of the purchase price.

Replacements, Annuals, Vegetables, Herbs, House Plants, and Clearance Items:

Are not guaranteed, but we will work with you to be successful.

Our Guarantee Does Not Cover:

  • Our guarantee does not cover animal/deer damage of any kind (eating, rubbing, or breaking).*
  • It does not cover weather damage such as lightening strike, tornadoes, wind, hail, snow, etc.
  • Damage from drivers or vandalism.
  • Replacements

*Ask us how to protect your plants.

If your plant dies within the guarantee period, just bring the entire plant back with your sales receipt. Together, we can try and determine why the plant died so your next planting is successful. We will be happy to give you store credit or credit towards a new plant.

Sorry we do not give cash back.

If you mention that you are in our “Great Gardener” program at the checkout, we will be able to keep track of all of your guaranteed items on the computer, just another great reason to sign up to be a “Great Gardener”.


Extended Guarantee

Purchase and use our 1-2-3 Program for all of your new plantings and we’ll extend your guarantee — up to 2 years!

  • 1 year guarantee goes up to 2 years
  • 90 day guarantee gets extended to the end of the season, or October 1st.


We use 1-2-3 on all of our planting jobs because it insures success and satisfaction.


1-2-3 Program

1) Master Nursery Bumper Crop

A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted fish bones & lobster shells, composted chicken & cow manure, peat humus, blood meal, kelp/seaweed and aged bark fines. An all purpose pre-fertilized planting and garden soil amendment. Excels as a nutrient rich top dressing and mulch.

2) Master Nursery Bumper Crop Starter Fertilizer

A starter fertilizer Blended with beneficial soil microbes including mychorrhizal fungi for plant success. Our Bumper Crop Natural & Organic Starter Food is a blend of natural ingredients formulated to help newly transplanted plants develop strong roots and sturdy growth. Bumper Crop Natural & Organic Starter Food is rich in natural sources of phosphate to help your plants develop a strong foundation for future growth. Our gentle and non-burning formula is safe to use with even the most tender plants.

3) Bonide Root & Grow

Contains plant hormones and nutrients that reduce transplant shock and stimulates healthy new roots. Use on all new plantings or any established plants that are showing signs of stress to encourage root development. Perfect to use on existing plants to stimulate root growth!