Christmas At Wilson's

Make Wilson's your new Christmas tradition this holiday season.

Small Grave Blanket
large Grave blanket

Fresh Greens

Here at Wilson's Garden Center we hand make and decorate our own Grave Blankets, Wreaths, Porch Sitters and Center Pieces.

We Are Done Taking Orders For The 2019 Season

Prestige Red
Majestic Pink Poinsettia


Whether you are looking for a great gift to give friends or a way to brighten your own home, poinsettias are the answer.  A traditional Christmas flower poinsettias have brought color and beauty to many homes for countless holiday seasons. 


Cut Trees:

Bring the family and pick out that perfect cut tree. This year we are carrying locally grown Canaan Firs.

  • Canaan Firs closely resemble Fraser Fir
  • Soft Short Needles
  • Thick and Sturdy Enough to Hang Ornaments
  • Great Needle Retention

Trees will be available for sale Thanksgiving weekend. Choose from 3/4 foot to 8/9 feet tall.


Live Trees:

Live Christmas trees will keep your Christmas memories growing year after year.  Choose from a selection of live B&B trees; these trees can be planted outside after Christmas.

  • 4/5 Foot Eastern White Pine
  • 4/5 Foot Norway Spruce
  • 3/4 Foot Canaan Fir

We hope you’ll visit us often during the holiday season and enjoy the festive atmosphere. You’ll find everything you need for your decorating and gift giving needs.