We know that many of you have been looking forward to experiencing the beauty and variety we have at Wilson's. Starting May 1st, we will be open to the public on a limited basis. In order to be compliant with the Ohio rules to keep us safe and healthy, we have to insist that you follow the guidelines below. These rules are for your safety and the well-being of all the staff at Wilson's. If you arenot able to follow the guidelines, please come at a future date when these rules may no longer be necessary. We know that following rules can be irritating. We appreciate your patience and good humor through this whole process.

Store Hours:

Store Hours:
Monday - Sunday:
8 am - 5 pm

* Special Hours for Senior Citizens and People With Compromised Immune Systems:
Monday - Thursday: 8 am to 9 am

Closed Labor Day!



Store Capacity:

  • To start out, we are allowing only 100 GUESTS in the store at any one time. After the store reaches this capacity, we ask that you line up outside using proper distancing until customers leave.
  • We ask that no more than two people shop together as a group, including children. We are still offering curbside pickup for those who rather shop in this manner.

Store Manners For Customers:

  • Please keep a minimum 6-foot distance between other guests and staff members. If you need to show staff members a photo, please email nursery@great-gardeners.com or text 740-322-3576 (Text Only #)
  • Please refrain from touching plants or other merchandise unless you are purchasing them.
  • Face masks are mandatory due to governor mandate
  • You can get many of your gardening questions answered in advance by emailing nursery@great-gardeners.com

Traffic Flow:

  • Please enter through the front entrance doors only and exit through the front exit doors only. Take a sanitized cart when entering. We clean carts after each use, please do not get carts from the parking lot before they are cleaned.
  • Wholesale and Business Customers park in back and enter only through the office doors in back and check out through the office. Orders need placed by noon the day prior to pick up.
  • Because we have limited capacity due to the Ohio guidelines, we ask that you shop in a timely manner (less than 1 hour) so that other people may have an opportunity to shop.
  • Please line up at the specially designated checkout line and maintain proper distance. At the register, please put cart in reach of the cashier and stand behind the sneeze guard.


  • Photo of tree and shrub concerns may be emailed to nursery@great-gardeners.com. Someone will be in contact to discuss the plant and possible credit. (Please make sure to read our guarantee policy posted on our website.)
  • At this time we are not accepting any returns once items leave the store.

Questions & Sending Pictures:

  • For Tree, Shrub, Perennial, Roses, and Fruit Questions & Pictures Please Email nursery@great-gardeners.com or text 740-322-3576 (Text Only #)
  • For General Questions, Annual, Vegetable or Houseplant Questions Please Email office@great-gardeners.com