Wilson's Planting Service

Wilson's offers planting for any trees, shrubs, perennials or roses purchased at our store to areas located in and around Central Ohio.


Planting Fees

Planting Fees

Example For Planting

Cost Per Plant + Cost Of Planting Per Plant + Cost Of Delivery = Subtotal + Tax = Total Price

Delivery is not per plant.  It is an overall delivery fee to bring all plants to the homeowner.

Plant Installation Includes

  • Bumper Crop® Soil Conditioner
  • Master Nursery Bumper Crop® Starter Fertilizer
  • Bonide® Root & Grow
  • Mulch
  • Extended guarantee
  • Initial watering in of plant material  (Homeowners responsibility to follow up with proper watering schedule.)
  • Free delivery for plant purchases totaling $500.00 or more. (Within Licking County, including Nashport & Frazeysburg addresses.  Out of county (surrounding counties) will incur a $30.00 surcharge.)  Under $500.00, standard delivery fees apply.

Plant Installation Does Not Include

  • Removal of sod, rocks, roots, or any other barrier located within the planting area.
  • Items cannot be planted within six feet of tree stumps.
  • “Hardscaping”, i.e. pathways, raised beds, stonework and pond installation.
  • The planting area needs to be easily accessible and suitable for planting.
  • It is State law for Wilson's to contact OUPS (Ohio Utilities Protection Service) before any planting can occur. A wooden stake will be provided for the homeowner to mark the area where planting is going to occur. A stake must be present in order for OUPS to locate lines. Please see below for more information on OUPS.


What Is OUPS?

Oups is a communication link between utility companies and homeowners or businesses planning any digging activity. Examples: Trees, shrubs, pools, ponds, and new gardens.

Is It Ohio Law To Call OUPS before Digging?

Yes, her in Ohio, by law we have to contact OUPS before digging. Wilson's will contact OUPS for the homeowner if we are planting.

How Long Does It Take?

Oups needs 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before planting can happen.

What Is The Phone Number?

8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764

What Information Does Oups Need To Know?

  • Address
  • County
  • City or Township
  • Specific location on the property of the digging: i.e - Right front corner of property, Front of house, Marked with wooden stake with white flagging
  • How far off the road the planting is being done
  • Closest intersecting road
  • How far and what direction from intersection
  • Date of digging
  • Purpose of digging
  • Type of equipment being used for digging

What Happens If OUPS Is Not Called?

If OUPS is not called and a line is hit the business or homeowner will be fined for repairs.

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