Preparing For Your Custom "Quick -Sketch"

To ensure success during your quick-sketch visit, there are a few things we would like you to consider.  Please jot down the answers to the questions on the Quick Sketch Design graph. Bring this along with your pictures and measurements to your scheduled appointment. Draw your desired landscaped area to scale on the print out.

Remember, the service is free; we just ask that you be ready to purchase and begin installing your new landscape. Keep in mind; the quick sketch is “quick” and hand-drawn. Time constraints limit us to sketching one area at a time. Please allow approximately ½ hour for an appointment.


Step 1: Print Out Quick Sketch Graph

Step 2: Take Pictures


  •  Take photos of area and bring to your appointment.

Step 3: Draw Out Area

  • Draw dimensions of planting area on the print out to scale. For foundation plantings, include height & width and location of windows, doors, etc. This includes how many feet from the bottom of the window to the ground.
  • Show what plants you currently have (that you are planning on keeping), where they are located and how much space they take up. Also, indicate any service or property lines that may be pertinent.
  • What direction does the area face? How many hours of sun does the area receive?
  • Plants that you would prefer to be used in the plan.

Step 4: Schedule Appointment

Available appointment days vary with each season.
Please call (740)763-2873 to schedule an appointment.

Step 5: Show Up For Scheduled Appointment

Show up for your scheduled appointment; we'll help you pick out and load your favorite plants, as we sketch their new location at your home.