Great Gardener Program

Great Gardener Program

2020 Hurry Back Program

Benefits of our Great-Gardener Loyalty Program:

  • It is FREE.
  • You can earn valuable Hurry Back Bucks with your purchases
  • Receive a valuable Birthday Coupon  (In the month of your birth)
  • Receive a Bi-Weekly "The Wilson Buzz" E-Newsletter
  • Many of our specials are for our Great-Gardeners only
  • We keep track of Warranty Items so you do not need a receipt

What Are Hurry Back Bucks?

Hurry Back Bucks is a reward to you for purchases at Wilson’s Garden Center. Earn one Hurry Back Buck for every $25 (before tax) in purchases, except for a limited list of items listed below:

You can redeem Hurry Back Bucks on your next purchase or save them to use later.  You must use them before December 31, 2020.

Spend Hurry Back Bucks for up to 50% off your purchase (Sales Tax cannot be paid for with Hurry Back Bucks).

(Example: If you have previously collected $18 in Hurry Back Bucks, and you purchased $30 worth in merchandise at Wilson's, you can use $15 in Hurry Back Bucks towards your purchase and save $3 in Hurry Back Bucks for your next purchase. Life is good! )


As with most good things in life, there are rules that we need to follow:

  • They are redeemable for in-stock items only.
  • Hurry Back Bucks expire December 31, 2020.
  • Only our customers who have signed up in our Great Gardeners Loyalty Program can spend and earn Hurry Back Bucks.
  • We do not issue Hurry Back Bucks for gift certificates, special orders, wholesale, deposits, labor, & deliveries. You are not able to use Hurry Back Bucks to purchase these items & services either.
  • Items purchased with Hurry Back Bucks cannot be returned for a cash refund. Hurry Back Bucks are promotional coupons and carry no cash value.

Please sign up today to be a Great-Gardener! The sooner you do, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards. We offer this program in the spirit of rewarding our regular customers for shopping at Wilson’s. Please be patient with us and not look at this program as an entitlement, but as a gift.

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