How To Water Your Containers & Hanging Baskets

Check your container or hanging basket’s moisture daily (physically touch our use a Moisture Meter).

If you do not have a moisture meter:

  1. Push your finger into the soil 2-3 inches.
  2. If the soil clings to your finger and feels moist, don’t water.
  3. Water the plant if the soil falls loosely off your finger and is dry to the touch. (Hanging baskets may feel light when lifted.)

Water in the morning. This allows the plant to absorb the moisture before the hot sun or strong winds evaporate the water. It also allows the leaves to dry before evening. Frequent wet foliage during the night can lead to fungal diseases.

In hot weather, containers may need to be watered daily, sometimes twice daily, depending on the pot size. Water until the water comes out of the drainage hole at the bottom. Containers that are especially root-bound (lots of roots) or have been established for several months will need more water. When watering the container, go around the entire container with the watering can or wand—including the edges- to ensure all the soil is soaked.

It is important to remember not to let containers sit in water.