Six Steps To A Beautiful Interior Plant Display

  • Select the right plant for the right spot.
    Choose from low light, medium light, and high light plants. Keep heat ducts from directly blowing on the plants.

  • Group plants together
    Putting plants in groupings increases the humidity in the air for a healthier plant environment (and people environment). (Placing shallow pans of water around your plants helps increase humidity, too.) Our interior plant specialist can help you put together pleasing combinations of interior plants that thrive well together.

  • Use matching pots that complement the colors of your rooms.
    If you use pottery without holes, place the growing pot inside the decorative container and surround it with moss. Otherwise, it is easy to drown your plants. If you use pots with holes, use saucers to protect your floor surfaces. Stop by and see our large selection of pots for your interior plants.

  • Dust your plants and shower them a couple of times a year.
    We recommend using Bonide Neem Oil to clean your plants. Only wipe the upper surfaces of the leaves to prevent suffocating the foliage.

  • Re-pot plants when roots have circled the pots.
    Pot-bound plants show weak growth. Bump up the plant to the next size pot; don’t make a huge jump. Use the very best sterile potting soil possible - we recommend our special potting mix, which is loaded with nutrients and life-giving air spaces. Cheap potting soils are a disaster for good plant growth as they are usually poorly drained. If you dread the mess of re-potting, bring the plants to the garden center, choose a pot, and plant them at our potting bar (or we can do it for you).

  • Water the plants according to the directions on the labels
    On pots with drainage holes, water should come out of the holes. On pots with no drainage holes, make sure there is no pool of water on the bottom of the pot. Dump out excess water. If your plant is too large to lift and remove the excess water, use a turkey baster to suction water out of the saucer. Do not use water from water softeners. Tap into the water before the softener or use collected rainwater. Add soluble fertilizer (Garden Elements Bud & Bloom is excellent) at half strength every couple of weeks when plants are actively growing Spider Plan