Perennials come up and perform year after year in your garden.Combine Perennials with annual flowers, shrubs, and trees to create a beautiful landscape that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

We make it easy for you to succeed! Our staff is always available to mentor you to choose the right plants for the right spot. Take advantage of our expert tips so that your flowers will flourish.

Grass Little Bunny
Hamlen Dwarf Fountain Grass

Grasses Are Great

Grasses give you great texture, form, color, and motion in the wind. They make a wonderful background for flowers and are outstanding for dramatic groupings in difficult, sunny areas. Birds love grasses for nesting and eating the seeds. Practically the only care they need is cutting them down once a year in late winter.


Platts Black

Ground Covers

Ground covers are wonderful landscape problem solvers and beautifiers. There are Ground covers to suit just about any type of soil: sandy, clay, alkaline, acidic, moist or dry. From full sun lovers to full shade, and anything in between, there is a ground cover that will fit the bill. Once established, ground covers are great for reducing erosion and suppressing weed growth. Also, if you’ve got a hard to mow area, ground covers might be the right plant for you!

Ground covers give your landscape harmony. They provide a feeling of tranquility, serving as a transition between lawn areas and flowerbeds. Ground covers also create variety in depth and texture and often highlight other landscape elements. They can be attractive accents on their own, as well.