Pondy Lily

Water Gardening

Wilson’s is committed to supplying all of your water garden maintenance needs from common to exotic plants, fountain pumps to filter media and all the water garden guidance that guests at Wilson’s have come to expect.

Our Water Garden Offers…

We offer a large selection of water garden supplies and hands-on advice. In spring, lotus and hardy water lilies in red, yellow, orange and pink are available. Hardy marginals, such as blue pickerelweed, hardy canna, arrow arum, and a variety of iris may also be purchased. As frost-free days approach mid-May, showy tropical water plants appear. Just a few of these show stoppers include Giant Sensitive Plant, ‘King Tut’ Papyrus, Spider Lily, and Pink Blue Bells, not to mention the outstanding colors of the Tropical Water Lilies.

Wilson’s can also be your provider for water garden maintenance products in order to sustain your pond’s clarity, fish health and plant vigor. Some of these vital products include, but are not limited to Algae Fix, Lily Gro tablets, barley bales and Tetra Pond Fish Food. Small scale pond renovation or installation products are also available. Some of these include non-kink tubing in various sizes, filter media and rubber pond liners, planting baskets and aquatic soil.

Water Hyacinth

Container Water Gardens

If you love the idea of having a water feature, but don’t have the space or time to maintain one, creating a container water feature is the solution. Container water gardens are easy to create, easy to maintain and easy to enjoy. Even better, container water gardens are mobile, so if you relocate, so can the water garden you created. All it takes is a beautiful pot, your favorite water plants and water.


Here are some simple steps you can take to create your own tiny water garden.

  • Choose your favorite pottery or dish. The pottery should have no drainage holes and be formed from non-porous material.
  • The sky is the limit on creating this piece of art. It can have a small bubbling fountain in the center or be bubbling over with blooming marginal plants.
  • When choosing plant material for the container, choose tall, medium and cascading plants of varying colors and textures. For example, combine Black Taro, Variegated Sweetflag, Water Hyacinth, and Alexander Loosestrife for a balanced container water garden. Many plants make a grand statement standing alone in a water garden container. Consider filling a container with the continuous blooming water hyacinths. As summer passes on, these fast growing floating plants will spill over the edges of the container all the while sending purple spiking blooms throughout.
  • If adding a fountain, choose a small pump (between 65 and 210 g.p.h.) and small bell fountainhead. Many times these can be
    purchased as a kit. To reach the desired height, prop the pump on a brick, making sure fountain spray remains within the confines of the pot. Many plants with not tolerate the splashing water, so choose your water plants carefully if including them in the feature.
  • When choosing the perfect place on the patio for your water feature, consider the needs of the plants used. Full sun is best for most water plants. Keep in mind that both algae and mosquito growth must be controlled.