Stink Bug

Stink Bugs

Also known as the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), or simply the stink bug. It is considered an agricultural pest and can cause widespread damage to fruit and vegetable crops.

Keeping Stink Bugs Out Of The Garden

  • Keep areas around gardens clear of tall grass, brambles, downed limbs, and other natural litter to deny a place to overwinter.
  • Garden Safe Insecticidal Soap Insect Killer and Bonide Neem Oil are also effective against stink bugs, especially early in the season.
  • When stink bugs are expected, primarily as crops approach harvest, use row covers to prevent them from gaining access.
  • Encourage beneficial insects to the garden. Stinkbugs have many natural enemies, such as praying mantis, ladybugs, lacewings, and minute pirate bugs. Limit their numbers by attracting these beneficial creatures to the area.

Keeping Out Of Home

To survive the winter, it invades homes in the fall, entering under siding, into soffits, around window and door frames, or any space which has openings big enough to fit through.

Simple tips from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Caulk windows inside and out
  • Weatherstrip entry doors and/or install door sweeps if daylight is visible around the perimeter of the door.
  • Rake away all debris and edible vegetation from your home's foundation to keep from attracting pests.
  • Inspect for and seal foundation cracks to block a potential point of entry.
  • Secure crawlspace entries.
  • When insulating exposed plumbing pipes around the foundation or the crawlspace of your home, caulk small gaps and fill larger ones with steel wool.
  • If your home has a fireplace, cap or screen the top of the chimney to keep out pests.
  • The best way to control them - squash them (you'll quickly find out how they got their name!). If you're a little squeamish, vacuuming is another option.