Seven Steps To Great Roses

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Pick the level of care you are willing to do. If you are willing to pamper, prune, and spray your plants as needed, then choose the gorgeous Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras. They will reward you with prize-winning blooms. If you are willing to give mid-level care, then the floribundas and climbers are great choices. If you want to plant them and give only minimal care, the Knock Outs and Shrub roses are your best choices.

Position Them Well

Roses love sun and they want good air movement around them. They should have well-drained soil amended with organic matter (We have had great success with Bumper Crop, mixing it into the top 6 inches of soil).

Prepare Your Soil With Loving Care

We recommend using 1-2-3 when you plant. That means mix Master Nursery Bumper Crop (enriched organic compost blend) in the hole, mix in Master Nursery Bumper Crop Starter Fertilizer  with soil, and soak the root ball with Bonide Root & Grow (rooting enhancer). We double the guarantee when you buy these ingredients and use them. Feeding your roses every 2 weeks with Bud and Bloom until early fall will give you gorgeous roses.

Plant Them The Right Depth

This is where many people make a mistake. Roses in Central Ohio should be planted deep (unlike most other plants that should be planted no deeper than the depth of the rootball). With roses, the graft bud union (the swollen part at the base of the rose) should be planted 2 inches deeper than soil level. This will protect the rose from completely freezing out in severe winters. We have own root roses – planted as you would a perennial – not deep.

Pruning Is Good

Trim off spent blooms to the nearest 5 leaflets to encourage more flowers. Open up the rose bushes to allow air and light to penetrate to keep diseases under control. Remove long stems and dead wood.  Of course, when you prune wear thorn proof gloves. The gloves from West County are very comfortable and nice. See our selection.

Protect In Winter

After Thanksgiving or in December, for grafted roses put 10-12 inches of soil/ mulch on the crown of your plant or add a rose cone/ collar. Otherwise, if you own a Knock Out, shrub, own-root or ground cover rose, leave them alone until March/April.

Rely On The Advice Of Your Consultants At Wilson's

We want to partner with you so that your plants continue to thrive throughout the years. Never hesitate on stopping by and seeking advice about any particular problem you may be experiencing. The advice is free and helpful in keeping your roses beautiful.