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Six Steps To A Picture Perfect Landscape

Know How Big Your Plants Will Grow

Some plants look cute and cuddly in the nursery but grow into monsters in the wrong spot in your landscape. We specialize in plants that are easily managed and take very little care. Match up the right plant for your spot with our guidance.

Repetition Is Not Boring In The Landscape

To please your traveling eye, you need to have focal points in the landscape. To give you a sense of organization and serenity, repeat groupings of plants. Most plants look better in groupings of 3 or 5 or more and give more visual impact. Using the same mulch in all of your beds and plantings will help tie in the look of the landscape. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the proper groupings for a professional looking finish.

Plant With Love

We recommend using 1-2-3 when you plant. That means mix Master Nursery Bumper Crop® (enriched organic compost blend) in the hole, mix in Master Nursery Bumper Crop® Starter Fertilizer  into the soil and soak the root ball with Bonide® Root & Grow (rooting enhancer). We double the guarantee when you buy these ingredients and use them. Never bury the root ball. “Plant it high, never die. Plant it low sure not to grow.”

Add By Taking Away

Trimming trees and shrubs encourages bushiness. Remove dead wood anytime. Prune spring blooming trees and shrubs immediately after they bloom. All others may be pruned in late winter. Prune back to a side branch so that there is no large stub. Never top a tree! For pruning tips and guidelines check out or call or stop in for pruning advice. Fertilize trees and shrubs in very late fall or after they flower in spring.

Stop In Or Call For Guidance On Proper Pruning

We want to partner with you so that your plants continue to thrive throughout the years. Never hesitate on stopping by and seeking advice about any particular problem you may be experiencing. The advice is free and helpful in keeping your landscape tip-top.