Warm Season Crops: Transplant


Transplanting Info

Helpful Hints


EGGPLANT Plant in staggered double rows. Allow 18-24” between plants in each of the staggered rows. Easily damaged by cold temperatures. Fertilize when planting and again when fruit starts to form. Harvest when relatively young and skins are very shiny. ‘Classic Hybrid’‘Fairy Tale’ (AAS)‘Gretel’ (AAS-09) (white)‘Hansel’ (AAS-08)
OKRA Space plants 12” apart in rows that are 30” apart. Harvest pods when young and tender (3-4” long). Do not allow pods to mature or plants will cease production. Fertilize at planting time and again when 12” tall. Likes a long, warm growing season. ‘Green Fingers’
PEPPERS Space plants 18” apart in rows 24 “ apart or more. Stress increases the heat of a Pepper.  If you want hotter Peppers, cut back on the water once the fruit starts to mature.  Most peppers do well in containers. ‘Revolution’ (AAS-06)‘Orange Blaze’ (AAS)‘Carmen’ (AAS-06)‘Giant Marconi’ (AAS)‘Super Chili’ Hot (AAS)
SWEETPOTATOES Set slips (transplant sprouts) 12-18” apart along ridges or in rows that are 36-48” apart. Sweet Potatoes are very tender, can not take frost, and refuse to grow in cool soil. Plants yield best if night temperatures average 72 degrees F. ‘Beauregard’‘Bush Porto Rico’‘Georgia Jets’‘White Yams’
TOMATILLOS Tomatillos can sprawl. Allow 2-3’ between plants; use a cage or stake to contain. More than one plant yields a better harvest. Harvest tomatillos when the fruits are firm and husks are papery and straw-colored. Toma Verde
TOMATOES The amount of space to keep between plants depends on the type you are growing:Determinate & compact indeterminate - 2’ apart
Indeterminate grown on stakes — 18” apart
Indeterminate grown in cages — 3’ apart
Container varieties — 3-gallon pot or larger
When planting, bury the stem almost to the lowest set of leaves, even if this means covering up several extra inches. The result will be stronger, sturdier, more productive plants. Tomatoes need calcium and even moisture to prevent blossom end rot.  Use Tomato-tone fertilizer for great fruits.

‘Grafted Tomatoes’‘Sugary’ (Grape AAS)‘Big Beef’ (AAS)‘Stupice’ (Heirloom)‘Celebrity’ (AAS)‘Mountain Fresh’

‘Tomaccio’ (New for Raisins)

‘Jet Star’

‘Steak Sandwich’

RHUBARB Transplant in early spring. Each plant will require approximately one square yard of space. Mix in compost or manure for best growth. In order for the plant to become established, the leafstalks should not be harvested the first year and only a few the second year, then it lasts a lifetime. ‘Canada Red’
ASPARAGUS Plant from mid-April to late May after the soil has warmed up. Space crowns 18” apart in rows 5’ apart. As it grows, continue piling soil on until  6” deep. Asparagus roots do not like cold or waterlogged soils. Do not harvest Asparagus the first year. Choose male varieties for greater yields.  They yield more every year. ‘Jersey Knight’