Winterizing Your Pond

Here are some helpful tips on winterizing your pond before the snow flies.

  • Stop fertilizing aquatic plants in early Autumn.
  • Remove yellow and or dying foliage from hardy plants. Once water temperatures reach 50 degrees place hardy pond plants in deeper part of pond. Make sure to remove the rest of the dead foliage before doing so.
  • Switch fish food to one that is formulated for cooler water temperatures. Once pond temperatures drop below 45 degrees stop feeding.
  • Cover pond with protective black mesh netting to keep leaves out.
  • Scoop or vacuum accumulated debris from the bottom of pond.
  • Remove pumps and electrical equipment.
  • If leaving the pump and filter in the pond, it can be left running well into winter. Make sure the waterfall and stream, etc. does not freeze and the water does not get dumped from the pond as a result.
  • Do not empty out water from pond.
  • Install a pond heater or bubbler to keep an area of water from freezing so oxygen can continue to be available to fish and let toxic gases escape.
  • Remove any tropical plants as they die off.