‘Your home-Alive and Beautiful-Inside and Out’

Purify The Air In Your Home

You want your home environment to feel alive and organic. Plants in the home help purify the air that you breathe. Toxins in the air are filtered by interior plants and these plants produce an enriched level of oxygen in enclosed spaces.


Did you know?

Houseplants take on many indoor environmental health problems, by reducing levels of carbon dioxide, increasing relative humidity, reducing airborne dust levels and reducing off gassing levels of certain common interior pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Foliage Baskets

Make Your Home More Livable

You are bringing the outdoors “in”-in a clean and healthy way. Plants soften harsh surroundings; they add a peaceful touch to the interior. Plants in the home often help release stress in people.

Cactus Planter
Fiddle Leaf Fig

Get The Best

Not all foliage plants are equal. Wilson’s has a selection of interior plants that have been adapted for the indoor environment. Our supplier of large plants from Florida specializes in conditioning their plants to be ready to grow in your home immediately. We travel the country each year in search of the best plants so that you will be excited with our selection and pleased with your