5 Must Have Trees For Fall Color

Sugar Maple ‘Green Mountain’

Acer saccharum ‘Green Mountain’

This strong, faster-growing variety of Sugar Maple has lustrous dark green leaves that turn brilliant shades of fiery scarlet, gold & orange in the fall. Good heat & drought tolerance when established. Wonderful, long-lived, legacy tree.

  • Grows 40-50 Feet Tall x 30-40 Feet Wide
  • Native To North America

American Yellowwood

Cladrastis kentukea (C. lutea)

One of the most spectacular shows among flowering trees. The blossoms cascade like white rain from the pea-green shrouded canopy on a spring day. Low-branching with a broad-rounded crown of delicate branches. The trunk is smooth and gray (very beech-like).

  • Grows 20-30 Feet Tall x 20-30 Feet Wide
  • Native To North America
  • Golden Yellow Fall Color 


Hornbeam ‘Emerald Ave’

Carpinus betulus ‘Emerald Avenue’

Deep green, handsomely corrugated leaves promise cool summer shade before turning golden yellow in autumn. A tough, adaptable tree with superior heat and drought tolerance.

  • Grows 40 Feet Tall x 28 Feet Wide
  • Pyramidal Shape

Tulip Poplar ‘Little Volunteer’

Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Little Volunteer’

This all-American gem is native to the eastern US and grows just one-third the size of its relative, making for an ideal landscape tree. Nectar-rich, tulip-shaped yellow flowers with an orange center appear in late spring. Bright green, violin-shaped, glossy green leaves turn a buttery yellow in the fall.

  • Grows 30-35 Feet Tall x 15-20 Feet Wide
  • Native To North America

Oak ‘Regal Prince’

Newer, improved columnar Oak with a stronger and fuller branching structure than other narrow forms. The two-toned green leaves contrast beautifully, turning a golden yellow in fall. Excellent disease resistance. The dense foliage creates living screens for blocking unsightly views and muffling traffic sounds, yet is also perfect as a single vertical design specimen.

  • Grows 40-50 Feet Tall x 10-20 Feet Wide