Three New Trees For 2023

Sugar Maple ‘Powder Keg’

An explosion of bright fall colors and upright, symmetrical form distinguish this resilient cultivar selected from Caddo sugar maples of western Oklahoma. Adaptability to heat, drought, and tough growing conditions extend far beyond its region of origin.

Grows: 50 ft tall x 40 ft wide

Light: Full Sun/ Pt Sun


Crabapple ‘Sparkling Sprite’

Fragrant clouds of long-lasting flowers smother the densely branched, naturally topiary-shaped canopy of this carefree tree. Tiny fruits attract songbirds and last well into winter.

Grows: 12 ft tall x 12 ft wide

Light: Full Sun


Japanese Snowbell ‘Snowcone®’

Fragrant, bell-shaped white flowers sparkle in late spring amid the dark green leaves of this small tree that’s shaped like an inverted icy snow cone treat. Fall color is bright yellow.

Grows: 25ft tall x 20 ft wide

Light: Full Sun