Five Trees For Fall Color

Black Gum ‘Green Gable’
Nyssa sylvatica ‘Green Gable’

Green Gable gets its name from its densely pyramidal shape and tight, uniform branching. Fragrant white flowers appear in spring. Dark green leaves turn a brilliant red in autumn. The bark is smooth when young.

Grows: 40-60 Feet Tall x 20-30 Feet Wide

Full Sun/ Pt Sun

                                                       Redbud ‘Golden Falls
Cercis canadensis ‘Golden Falls’

Lavender-pink spring blooms are followed by new leaves tinged with orange, becoming bright golden. A unique color for weeping varieties, the foliage holds up well in sun and heat. The tall, narrow form is the perfect accent for small spaces.

Grows: 8-10 Feet Tall x 3-4 Feet Wide

Full Sun

Cladrastis kentukea

Yellowwood is a medium- to large-sized tree, 30 to 50 feet high, with smooth bark, large hanging clusters of fragrant white flowers, and clear yellow fall color. Choose a yellowwood tree for excellent shade in a small- to medium-sized landscape. Native!

Grows: 30-50 Feet Tall x 40-55 Feet Wide

Full Sun/ Pt Sun



                                                                 Ginkgo ‘Autumn Gold’
Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’

This superb selection is a fruitless male strain. Unique fan-shaped green foliage turns brilliant golden yellow in fall. Symmetrical branching creates an exceptional upright landscape accent, eventually becoming a handsome shade tree with age.

Grows: 35-50 Feet Tall x 35-50 Feet Wide

Full Sun


Amur Maple ‘Red Rhapsody’
Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala ‘Mondy’

Brilliant red fall foliage highlights this small, versatile, bushy tree. The wonderful bare-stemmed winter silhouette with smooth gray bark leafs out before other maples in spring, with heavily lobed, dark green foliage, followed by small, fragrant, yellow-white flower clusters. Excellent cold tolerance. Best fall color in cool northern regions.

Grows: 15-20 Feet Tall x 15-20 Feet Wide

Full Sun/ Pt Sun