Protect Your Trees

It is deer rutting season!

During this time, deer like to rub their antlers on trees and shrubs to deposit their scent and build up their neck muscles in anticipation of future fights. This rubbing can cause significant damage, especially to young trees and small shrubs. If the damage is extensive, the plants can die.

To protect your plants use,

  • Fencing- for young saplings or shrubs, pound stakes into the ground in a square shape around the selected plant. Wrap fencing around the outside of the stakes, securing with zip ties. Make sure the fencing is high enough to protect the sapling or shrub. This method can be used for other trees as well.
  • Fence Whole Area – It may be expensive, but to protect a small orchard or garden area. You can use tall fencing or electric fence to keep deer out of the site.
  • Tree Wraps – tree wraps come in many different ways, from cardboard to plastic. We recommend the rigid mesh kind which we have here at the store. It will last for many years.
  • Repellants – There are many deer repellants on the market. These will have to be touched up throughout the season when there is rain or snow.